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Balance Exercise


Let's Work Together!

Live Wellness Group curates engaging fitness programming, tailored for your community and facilities. Our network of wellness professionals includes Personal Trainers, Yoga Instructors, Zumba Instructors, Personal Chefs, and much more. Let us amplify your community today! 

Zumba Fitness Class

Let us help you elevate your resident community. We work directly with leasing professionals to bring the most engaging (on-site and virtual) fitness and wellness classes, by top certified instructors, to residents based on building amenity spaces, facilities, and demographics.  

  • Community Engagement

  • Resident Retention 

  • Property Rating

Online Meditation

We facilitate measurable health and wellness programs designed to increase workforce productivity and satisfaction, to revitalize workgroups. Before, during, and after office hours. Our service offerings are diverse and inclusive, as is our network of wellness professionals. 

  • Team Productivity

  • Employee Wellness

  • Corporate Culture 

Group Portrait

With fitness at the forefront, we aim to uplift communities by providing access to wellness resources. Our holistic approach is community-based and focused because we understand a healthy community is a thriving one. 

  • Community Health & Wellness 

  • Positive Social Interaction  

  • Community Involvement & Engagement

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